Need to Install an Air Conditioner?

Being outdoors is great, but it sure gets hot in Perth! You may frequently find yourselves stuck without a reprieve from the heat when the weather gets really crazy. For example, did you know that the highest temperature recorded in the city is over 46 degrees Celsius? That’s not something you want to be caught in without an air conditioner.

But there’s the rub: who can you call to do a good quality air conditioning installation in Morley, Ellenbrook or Bayswater? Installing an air conditioner can be challenging work, requiring special tools and a unique set of skills. And not everybody is qualified for the job. Fortunately, a good electrician can usually do the trick, and there are even electricians who specialise in air conditioning installation.

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes:

The problem with installing an air conditioner isn’t necessarily the installation. It’s installing it correctly. Did you know that a sloppy installation can cost you considerable money in the long run, and be a significant safety hazard as well? Inadequate insulation on the suction line of your air conditioner, for example, can prevent your unit from functioning efficiently, driving up your power bills and costing you a fortune over time. Exposed wires, on the other hand, are just dangerous. You don’t want to hire a contractor who makes any of these mistakes, or risk making them yourself. Richtek Electrical is changing the way that residents of Perth have their units installed by providing a safer and better quality installation than other contractors, and our service is certainly a cut above what most untrained people could do without professional assistance.

Don’t leave your air conditioner in uncertain hands, even if they’re your own. Call Richtek Electrical today and let us take care of the difficult part so that you can kick back and chill out.

Other Electrical Services Also Offered

Richtek Electrical does great work on air conditioning installations, but we’re a full-service electrician offering a wide variety of services across Perth. In addition to installing air conditioners, we’re fully capable of working on industrial, commercial and domestic electrical systems, and fully licensed for all three categories. Furthermore, our customer service is a top priority for us, regardless of the job. We receive a great deal of our business via word of mouth because our clients continue to be satisfied by the work that we do and the professional manner in which we do it.

Don’t wait another minute if you’re looking for an air conditioning installation or other electrical services. With top quality service, Richtek Electrical is the company for you.