Need an Electrician

Why do you need an electrician?

A home electrical system has built-in safeguards to prevent things such as electrical overload. 
Currents that are too high can cause the breakers to open automatically or the fuses to melt. 
When a circuit shuts down frequently, it’s a warning that should not be ignored by the owner.

An average of 15 people are killed in preventable electrical accidents in Australia each year, with hundreds more treated or hospitalised for a range of electricity-related injuries. Electricity does not discriminate, this means that the risk and potential danger of electric shocks or even electrocution can happen to anyone, no matter how much training they have received.

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noisy air conditioning

Is Your Air Conditioning Making Too Much Noise?

Is there anything more annoying than an overly noisy air conditioning unit? You’re trying to get something done, and then the awful sound of the AC makes getting anything else done impossible. Don’t ignore those sounds, though, as they could be signs of a deeper issue. Did you know that certain noises that your air conditioning in Belmont make might indicate that it’s time to call a professional?

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Get Most from Air Condition

How to Get the Most from Your Air Conditioning

Your AC is essential. When it’s hot outside, you need that air conditioning to be working well to keep you cool. The thing is, though, there might be some ways to obtain some extra functionality from the air conditioning in your Welshpool home or office. You’ll save on costs and be better off in the long run. Richtek Electrical & Air Solutions, noted tradesmen skilled at maintaining air conditioning in Welshpool, have a few handy tips you can use for the summer.

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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning – Keeping Your Air Quality High

Indoor air quality is an absolute must for your home. If you aren’t careful, though, your air conditioning in could be contributing to poor air quality and a variety of other compounding issues. Did you know that poor air quality can manifest itself in several ways? In addition to making it harder to breathe, poor air quality can lead to a buildup of biological contaminants and harmful particles in the air that could be detrimental to you and your family’s health.

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Split System

Who to Call for Split System Air Conditioning

Let’s get right down to it: Installing a split system air conditioner can be tough and complicated. So challenging, in fact, that you’ll probably have difficulties doing it alone. And even if you managed to, you’d have to be an aircon expert to pull off the kind of installation that lasts for years and years. The alternative, of course, is that the cool new air conditioner (pun strongly intended) you installed all by yourself stops working properly after a few months. This leaves you with either an expensive fix or spending even more time to repair it singlehandedly, in which case you’ll probably only perpetuate the cycle ad nauseam. Not great, right?

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Aircon Installation

Aircon Installation Advice

If you are looking for an aircon installer in Perth that will go the extra mile for you, then Richtek Electrical & Air Solutions is the team for the job. Whether you are a homeowner, a property developer, a business owner or an industrial project manager, we can design and install the air conditioning systems that you need to keep your home, business, factory or mine cool and comfortable.

One of the things that you will get if you hire Richtek as your aircon installation team in Perth is advice. We recognise that not every client we work with will know what type of air conditioning system they want. Indeed, many people aren’t even aware of the different types of air conditioning systems that are available. Top tier customer service is something we strive towards at Richtek, though, so if you need a briefing on the basics of different air conditioning types, we are more than happy to provide it.

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Air Conditioning Needs

Satisfy Your Air Conditioning Needs

Perhaps summertime is right around the corner, and you still haven’t gotten around to installing an air conditioner. Maybe your air conditioner is broken or not working correctly, and you want to get it repaired or replaced before guests come to visit.

Either way, Richtek Electrical & Air Solutions wants to help. We recently added air conditioning installation to our service list in Perth and are happy to assist you with any air-related needs you may have. From picking out the right kind of air conditioning system for your home to carrying out the actual installation and making sure that everything works correctly, we can make your home summertime-ready in no time.

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Emergency Electrician

In Need of an Emergency Electrician

When it comes to an electrical emergency, having a trusted emergency electrician near your business or home who will quickly and efficiently handle your issues is imperative. Electrical problems can be extremely dangerous, and therefore, it is important to always let professional emergency electricians analyse and repair any electrical issues. If you are building a new building, having emergency electricians near your construction site is also helpful, in case of any accidents or disruptions to nearly erected electrical wiring.

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Importance of RCD

Importance of RCD’s

What is an RCD?

An RCD, or residual current device, is a life-saving piece of equipment, which is designed to prevent you from getting a fatal electric shock if you potentially touch anything live, such as bare wires. It can also provide some protection against common electrical fires. RCDs provide a level of protection and safety that ordinary fuses and circuit-breakers cannot provide.

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