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Richtek specialise in ducted air conditioning (reverse cycle). This means our systems give complete climate control which is perfect for both cooling and heating Perth homes. With many years of experience, we are the ducted air conditioning Perth specialists to go to. Refrigerated air conditioning is connected to ducts which distribute cool or warm air to multiple rooms or spaces. Refrigerated ducted air conditioning can range in size from 2.5kW (1.0hp) to 200kW (80hp) depending on your needs.

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At Richtek Electrical & Air Solutions, we specialise in ducted air conditioning systems. These systems are ideal for many homeowners because they don’t just provide cooling to one room or area of the home, but to every room in the house. Ducted air conditioning systems are the optimal climate control systems because they provide a complete house-wide solution and because, unlike other air conditioning systems such as evaporative cooling, they can be used for heating a home as well. The comprehensive nature of these systems also makes them easier to control.

Why should you invest in a ducted system?

Richtek has many years of experience in installing ducted air conditioning systems. We can install ducts from scratch in your home, or use existing ductwork to create a more effective cooling and heating system than what you currently have. The ducts can then distribute cool or warm air to every room of the house so that your home has no inconsistently cold or hot spots. We also install all of the air conditioning equipment either outside the house or under the floors, which means you get a heating and cooling system that works well without creating a lot of noise.

Some homeowners are daunted by the prospect of installing ducted air conditioning systems in their homes—especially if they have to start from scratch. However, at Richtek, we are here to tell you that investing in a ducted system will generally cost less than buying a split system or window air conditioners for every room in the house. Add the fact that ductwork can be used for heating as well, and these systems are a smart investment that will pay for themselves many times over in terms of efficiency and comfort.

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Richtek’s ducted air conditioning systems range in size from 2.5kW to 200kW. Enquire today to book a quote and learn which size system will be ideal for your home.