Electrician WelshpoolGet Better Customer Service from Your Electricians in Welshpool

Whether you are looking to hire an electrical contractor in Welshpool for a high-rise apartment wiring job or a residential smoke alarm hook-up, you deserve to work with someone who puts your satisfaction first and foremost. When you work with Richtek Electrical Solutions as your residential or commercial electrician, you will enjoy the superior customer experience you deserve.

Richtek Electrical Solutions is a small and young company, but we are growing fast. At this time, we rely a lot on referrals and healthy word of mouth. And because of our referral-dependent business model, we know that we need to make as much of an impression on each customer as we possibly can. As a result, we go into every single job with the goal of giving 100%. From only working with the best equipment and materials, to delivering installations that will stand the test of time, we at Richtek go the extra mile at every step. We want to earn your referrals, not just ask for them. Based on how much we have grown as a business already, our customers know how hard we work to please.

Residential and Commercial Electrician Services Available in Welshpool

Are you looking for a residential electrical specialist to install new dimmer switches, upgrade your switchboard or help you plan out a new wiring plan for a renovation? Richtek Electrical Solutions can help. Does your business need to hire commercial electricians to update the wiring in an old office space? Richtek does that too.

Indeed, we at Richtek may still be a relatively small business, but there is nothing small about our experience or expertise. Our founder started this business because he had an extensive knowledge base in the electrical industry. In other words, there is nothing ‘small time’ about the services we provide at Richtek Electrical Solutions. We are equally happy to undertake both small residential jobs and larger commercial electrical contractor jobs in Perth.

What You Get as a Richtek Electrical Solutions Customer

If you are searching for electrical contractors and decide to choose Richtek Electrical Solutions, you will be satisfied with your choice for numerous reasons. Between our friendly customer service, our industry-standard equipment and the lofty quality of our finished projects, there are already numerous reasons to pick Richtek over the competition. However, we also have several other ‘draws,’ including (but not limited to) the following:

24/7 Emergency Service: Need emergency electrical maintenance?

Call Richtek for a quick and quality fix, anytime.

Punctuality: Tired of electricians showing up five or 10 minutes late? At Richtek Electrical Solutions, we pride ourselves on never being late.

Lifetime Labor Warranty: We guarantee the quality of our work with a lifetime labor warranty. So if we fix something, and it breaks again in a month, a year, or 10 years, give us a call, and we will fix it again for free.

Are you interested in learning more about Richtek Electrical Solutions, or in hiring us as your residential electrical contractor or commercial electrician in Welshpool?