Finding A Pro to Install Your Air Conditioning

If you live in any of Perth’s suburbs, you probably know the importance of remaining cool in your own home. But you probably also know that without a good air conditioning unit, this can be extremely challenging. Air conditioning is pretty much a must when the weather is at its most extreme, but sometimes it can be difficult to find a reputable contractor to make sure your air conditioning is installed correctly when you don’t live in the heart of the city.

Richtek Electrical is a new company with a new philosophy: put customer service first. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a new philosophy to you, but think about this: how many people deliver on the first rate service they promise in their ads? Well, we do. Here are just a few of the ways in which Richtek Electrical is upping the air conditioning ante:

We Avoid These Amateur Errors When Installing Air Conditioning

Ever had a contractor that left a real mess behind them when the job was done, causing you to spend hours cleaning up after them to remove tripping hazards and other obstacles? That’s a pretty fundamental error and one that no one at Richtek Electrical would ever make. But there are other, more serious mistakes that unqualified contractors or do-it-yourself enthusiasts make, like leaving exposed wiring behind upon completion of the installation. Exposed wires aren’t just unsightly – they can also cause fires. And you’re trying to cool your room, not heat it, so a fire is probably the opposite of what you want.

Another common mistake made when installing an air conditioner is to neglect insulation on the suction line. This can prevent the efficient transmission of refrigerant throughout your system, which can cause it to work harder than it needs to for less desirable results. The result? You end up paying way more on your monthly power bills, and your room doesn’t get nearly as cool as you were expecting it to be. Not a desirable scenario. Fortunately, the professional staff at Richtek Electrical knows just how to avoid these mistakes, combining expert equipment and sophisticated knowledge of the trade to make sure that your installation is up to standard.

The Benefits of a Quality Installation

Having your air conditioning installed correctly is well worth hiring a qualified professional. Here’s the biggest reason why: a proper installation will last longer, saving you from having to hire someone all over again to fix a poorly installed system or improve its performance. You might not like the idea of paying someone to do the job, but you know what you’ll like even less? Paying someone to undo a mistake that could have easily been avoided by hiring a skilled contractor is never fun. Just think of this as an investment in a home that you’ll be able to keep cool for years.

Call us today and experience the difference that a good air conditioning installation makes in your home.