Air Conditioning Needs

Satisfy Your Air Conditioning Needs

Perhaps summertime is right around the corner, and you still haven’t gotten around to installing an air conditioner. Maybe your air conditioner is broken or not working correctly, and you want to get it repaired or replaced before guests come to visit.

Either way, Richtek Electrical & Air Solutions wants to help. We recently added air conditioning installation to our service list in Perth and are happy to assist you with any air-related needs you may have. From picking out the right kind of air conditioning system for your home to carrying out the actual installation and making sure that everything works correctly, we can make your home summertime-ready in no time.

If your current air conditioner is broken and needs a replacement, we are also well-equipped to find you something comparable, but better. Though we are relatively new to the air conditioning installation market in Perth, our personnel have extensive experience in this regard. We have worked out air conditioning solutions for residential and commercial clients alike and are completely familiar with split systems, reverse cycle or ducted systems and evaporative air conditioning systems. No matter what kind of air conditioning system you need or how much space you need to cool, Richtek will devise the right solution.

Summer time is getting closer. If you still have to get your air conditioning needs squared away for the warm months, call Richtek Electrical & Air today on 0412 351 885.