Split System

Who to Call for Split System Air Conditioning

Let’s get right down to it: Installing a split system air conditioner can be tough and complicated. So challenging, in fact, that you’ll probably have difficulties doing it alone. And even if you managed to, you’d have to be an aircon expert to pull off the kind of installation that lasts for years and years. The alternative, of course, is that the cool new air conditioner (pun strongly intended) you installed all by yourself stops working properly after a few months. This leaves you with either an expensive fix or spending even more time to repair it singlehandedly, in which case you’ll probably only perpetuate the cycle ad nauseam. Not great, right?

So what’s the alternative, for those of you who don’t happen to be aircon experts? Hire one, of course. A good electrician usually knows just what to do when installing a split system aircon, and Perth now has a brand new pro on the scene who is ready to perform your installation in such a way that your new system will last. Richtek Electrical is a rapidly expanding local business with current and vital knowledge of the electrical trade. By using the highest quality products and providing superb customer service, we’ll make sure that your split system air conditioning in Perth is installed as efficiently as can be while remaining professional throughout the entire experience.

What Is a Split System Air Conditioner?

Glad you asked. Split system air conditioning is simple, and it’s one of the most common types of aircon available. A split system air conditioner is divided into two units: one outdoor and one indoor. The outdoor unit is usually installed on the outer wall of the room that requires cooling, and housed in a metal case containing the following parts: a condenser coil to release heat, and a compressor to pump refrigerant between the condenser coil and the evaporator coil, housed in the indoor unit. The outdoor unit may also contain either capillary tubing or an expansion coil, depending on the model. The indoor unit, on the other hand, contains the air filter, a blower to help the air circulate, and the evaporator coil as mentioned earlier, which takes heat and moisture out of the air. Simple, right?

Okay, maybe it doesn’t sound that simple. But for those of us at Richtek Electronics, it is! Although we’re a new company, we’ve spent ages learning this stuff so that you don’t have to. When you call us to install your split system air conditioner, we’ll take care of the entire process. You just sit back and enjoy your cool new room. Or do we mean your new cool room? Oh, well. Either or.

The Best Split System Air Conditioning Installation in the Perth Area

We know Perth at Richtek Electrical because we’re a local company. When you call us, you won’t be getting some national chain whose employees are just out to make a buck and offer no community investment. Richtek Electrical is all about this city, and we work hard for its residents. Call us today or visit us online to find more about all of our great electrician services, including split system air conditioning installation. You want to be cool, and we want to help. It’s a win-win.