Versatile Air Conditioning

When we first opened our doors at Richtek Electrical & Air Solutions, we did so with the goal of being one of the most versatile electrical services companies in the Perth area. When we started out, we were emergency electricians—available around the clock to provide electrical services and emergency fixes to domestic, commercial and industrial clients alike. We were committed to the complete satisfaction of our customers, and felt that offering a versatile array of solutions—and executing them all in a high-quality fashion—would help us to stay true to that commitment.

Once again, versatility has been the key to making a name for ourselves quickly. We don’t offer air conditioning services just to residential clients. On the contrary, we have installed air conditioning systems in homes, restaurants, schools, stores and even mines. Our air conditioning solutions span the entire residential, commercial and industrial industries, so no matter what kind of solution you need, we can install it.

Our air conditioning services in Ellenbrook also highlight multiples types of air conditioning. Instead of just specialising in the installation of one type of air conditioning unit, our teams can install split systems, evaporative air systems or ducted systems. Which method you choose will depend on the size of your project, your cooling needs and your budget – among other factors. However, one of these systems will almost certainly meet your needs.

Are you interested in talking about your air conditioning requirements with a professional? Call Richtek Electrical & Air Solutions today on 0412 351 885.